NOTE: The Network for Good Data Import Team strongly recommends that you export or download all data from your former donor management system, whether or not you ultimately decide to send your files to Network for Good for assistance in the importing process. This allows you to have a complete archive of your former system, in the event that a field is overlooked during the import process.


QuickBooks is designed as an accounting software, and this means that the structure of the contacts and donations are slightly different from how you will store contacts and donations in Donor Management. There are two reports that you will need to pull from QuickBooks in order to prepare your contacts and donations for import to Donor Management. Download and save these reports as an Excel or CSV file.

1. Transactions

Desktop Installed Version: The report that you will be choosing is the Income by Customer Detail Report. To start, go to Reports > Company & Financial. From here, you will select Customize Report, and then choose the appropriate columns in the bottom left-hand corner of the Display tab. You will need to include the following parameters to make this report successful:

  • Set Transaction Date to All Dates

  • Set Donor List to Specified (i.e. will include all records)

  • Select the columns you need and please be sure to include: Date (Transaction), Name, Name Street 1, Name Street 2, Name City, Name State, Name Zip along with any other account information you would like to see in Donor Management. For example, your organization may be using Account and Class, which you'll want to include in this export. 

With QuickBooks Online, you can do a summary report called Transaction List by Date instead. This report will require a bit more formatting in order to provide us with the information to import to Donor Management. You can use the list above to help customize the report. 

When you have all the fields you need, go ahead and run the report so you can export it into Excel. QuickBooks Online will export Donor as a field that can be used to link information from your Donor Contact List.

*Note: The term Donor is a setting in your QuickBooks Preferences. You may currently have this set to say: Clients, Customers, Donors, Guests, Members, Patients, or Tenants. No matter what term you use in your system, it is the same as "Donor" in the instructions above.

2. Constituents

Because of the way QuickBooks stores information, the Transaction List by Donor report that we just went through will only include mailing address information, but you'll notice that other information like phone numbers and emails will not be listed here. We know this information is important to you so you will need to run a Donor Contact List report.

After selecting the report, you will then Customize the report to include the following fields:

  • Client (Donor)

  • Phone Numbers

  • Email

  • Full Name

  • Billing Street

  • Billing City

  • Billing State

  • Billing ZIP

  • Contact Notes

*Note: If you have additional fields that you want us to bring in to Donor Management, please be sure to select them as part of this report as well. Once they are exported please do a quick review of the files to be sure that the transaction list only includes donations that you want to import and no other transactions

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