NOTE: The Network for Good Data Import Team strongly recommends that you export or download all data from your former donor management system, whether or not you ultimately decide to send your files to Network for Good for assistance in the importing process. This allows you to have a complete archive of your former system, in the event that a field is overlooked during the import process.

Exporting Data from Salesforce

Congratulations on making the decision to move to a simpler resource to manage and nurture relationships with all your nonprofit's supporters. 

Salesforce can be a complex tool to customize, manage, and fully leverage. We have designed a very simple way to migrate to Network for Good’s Donor Management system from Salesforce. 

The hard way to migrate would be to create reports with all pertinent data, which can take time and consume valuable resources. Luckily, Salesforce makes it simple to export all your data by using the Data Export feature. 

You only need to send the Campaign, Opportunity, Contact, and Account files. We will import all relevant gift, donor, campaign, and contact data. 

To extract all your data in Salesforce, you need to go to: Setup > Administration Setup > Data Management > Data Export. 

Note: You will have the option of exporting your data now or scheduling the job. You should choose to export your data now. The screenshot below shows the option to include Documents, Images and Attachments. We will not use all the data pulled from Salesforce, but you should have all of it as a back-up just in case. 

Note: If you scroll down on this screen you will see the option to export all your data, or subsets. You should choose to export all your data to ensure you have a back-up. Our team will only use FOUR objects: Account, Campaign, Contact, and Opportunity.

Then click the Start Export button

Note: When an export is ready for download you will receive an email containing a link that allows you to download the file(s).

Following the link in the email will take you back to the Export Page where a file will be waiting.

Salesforce creates a zip archive of CSV files. Exports typically finish within 48 hours of submission.

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