NOTE: The Network for Good Data Import Team strongly recommends that you export or download all data from your former donor management system, whether or not you ultimately decide to send your files to Network for Good for assistance in the importing process. This allows you to have a complete archive of your former system, in the event that a field is overlooked during the import process.


To start the export process, go to the Organization Settings page. This is where you can export your Bloomerang data so you can send it over to us.

Here's what comes next:

  1. Click Settings > View All Settings.

  2. Click Edit on the Organization tile.

  3. This will take you to the Database Export pane; now click Create New Export. This will generate an export and may take a few minutes. When the export is ready, you will see a Download button. (If it's taking a bit longer, you can also press F5 to see if the export is done.)

  4. Click Download.

Types of Data Exported

This export will take the majority of your data and place it into a file. Some things that are not included: Email and letter templates and their data and Ā engagement scores.

You'll notice the download is in a .zip file. Inside are CSV files for each data type:

  • Accounts

  • Addresses

  • Appeals

  • Campaigns

  • Custom Fields

  • Donations

  • Email interests

  • Emails (email addresses)

  • Funds

  • Households

  • Interactions

  • Notes (notes on constituent timelines)

  • Phones (phone numbers)

  • Pledge payments

  • Pledges

  • Processing info (transaction data)

  • Recurring donation payments

  • Recurring donations

  • Refunds

  • Relationship roles

  • Relationships

  • Soft credits

  • Tasks

  • Transaction processor accounts

  • Tributes

  • Users

  • Wallet items (credit card data)

Missing or Odd Data

You may see that information added through conversions, imports, forms, or the API are not complete in this export leaving some constituents to have blank fields. These can include:

  • Envelope, formal, informal, or recognition name

  • Sort name (only conversions, forms, and API)

  • Country for addresses or phone numbers

Be sure to submit the full file to us through your Donor Management System by going to Contacts>Import>Begin Import>Send us your files. We can then make sure that all provided information is imported correctly šŸ˜ŠĀ 

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