NOTE: The Network for Good Data Import Team strongly recommends that you export or download all data from your former donor management system, whether or not you ultimately decide to send your files to Network for Good for assistance in the importing process. This allows you to have a complete archive of your former system, in the event that a field is overlooked during the import process.

If you've been using PayPal as your donation processor, you will want to export your transaction history to bring over to your new Donor Management System. 

To start, log in to your PayPal account and follow these steps:

  1. Click Activity.

  2. Click Statements in the upper right-hand corner of the Activity area.

  3. This will give you an option to choose a particular type of statement. You will want to select the Custom statement. 

  4. PayPal then allows you to select the Transaction Type and Date Range for the report.

  5. Select All Transactions and set a date range of 3-years. Note, PayPal doesn't allow you to go further back than 3-years. 

  6. Lastly, select the Format as CSV and click on the Create Report button.

After you complete this last step, you will see the report has been queued in your Activity reports area, and there is a Refresh button on the top right of the area. Simply refresh until you see the Download link appear in the Actions column.

Now that you have your donations exported our of PayPal, we've made it super easy to import them into your Donor Management System.

  1. Log in to your Donor Management System

  2. Click on Contacts and then click Import in the top right corner of the Contact page

  3. Select the Paypal import option

  4. Upload the file you just exported from PayPal and we'll take it from here

Within a few minutes your PayPal donations will now be in your Donor Management System! If you have questions or need any assistance just click that message bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen and give us a shout.

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