What is a household?  

In your Donor Management System a household is a way to group families so you can easily connect profiles to see a full household giving history, edit salutations for direct mail purposes, and more. 

How do contact records get grouped in a household? 

Automatically: When contact information is added to your system (either through a data import, a donor's information syncing to your donor management system after making a donation, or manually adding a new record) households are automatically created when contacts' physical addresses match.

Manually: When viewing a contact profile, you can click on "manage household" under the contact's name to manually add or edit the household information.  When adding contacts to the same household manually, you don't need physical addresses to match. 

When would a contact record exit a household?

If a contact is part of a household and the physical address for that is changed, they will no longer be part of that original household. If a contact record is deleted, that contact is removed from the household. 

What can I see on each household record?  

  • view cumulative giving totals for all members of the household 

  • view giving history for each person in the household 

  • view recent activity for each member of the household

    Furthermore, on the household record you can:

  • manually add contacts to household no matter what their home address is 

  • manually remove contacts from household 

  • edit greeting fields for household 

  • change the head of household to another member of household 

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