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Syncing Transactions to QuickBooks Online
Syncing Transactions to QuickBooks Online
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Once you've established the integration between Donor Management and QuickBooks Online, you can begin syncing your transactions into QuickBooks right away. Read on to learn how exactly to sync those transactions over!

Syncing the Transactions to QuickBooks Online

Once you've completed the setup of the integration, if you click on “Settings” from the left-hand navigation, and then select “QuickBooks Online” from the drop-down options, you should now see a list of transactions that appear as “ready to be synced.”​

You have full control to select which transactions are synced over and which ones you'd prefer remain in Donor Management - so when you're ready, select the transactions you want to sync using the small checkboxes next to each transaction.

You can also use the small gray checkbox next to the word “Contact” to select all transactions listed.

Finding Details within a QuickBooks Sales Receipt

When viewing a sales receipt in QuickBooks Online, you won't have access to some of the additional details of the included transactions - such as donor names.

If you're trying to find that information, you can go back into Donor Management and view the sale receipt's details easily - simply search for the sales receipt number (at the top of the QuickBooks receipt) in Donor Management, under “Settings” and then selecting “QuickBooks Online.”

You should then be able to see not only the date and transaction type included in that receipt, but a list of all included transactions and any additional relevant details you might need.

Filtering for Transactions Synced to QuickBooks Online

You have the ability to filter on transactions that you've already synced from Donor Management to QuickBooks Online directly from the “QuickBooks Online” tab.

​The filtering tools make it possible to identify and isolate transactions you've synced this month or this year - or find donations from a specific campaign that hasn't yet been synced.

You'll want to click on the “Filters" button from the “QuickBooks Online Transactions” page, and then select the specific fields you'd like to use in your filter - then press the blue “Apply” button!

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