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Adding your Tasks to an External Calendar
Adding your Tasks to an External Calendar

See your tasks in the calendar that you use everyday

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We understand that some folks live and breathe by their personal or professional calendars. Donor Management allows for you to add your tasks directly to that calendar, so you can keep those important upcoming dates at the front of your mind (and the top of your calendar!)

To add your tasks to your calendar, first click on the "Tasks" button in the top-right corner of your Donor Management Dashboard.

Then, you'll click on the "Subscribe" button towards the top-right of the page. A pop-up should appear with a URL that you can copy and paste, and then follow the instructions in your preferred calendar application to "manually add" or "manually subscribe" to this new "task calendar."

Please keep in mind that some calendar applications (like Google Calendar) do not update immediately, and it may take a day or two for new tasks to show up in your calendar.

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