Some great uses for Email Blasts  (or "eblasts"):

Targeted appeals based on donor giving history
 Notifying volunteers of opportunities
Send an invitation for an upcoming event
Bulk acknowledging your donors
Sending year-end donation summaries
Following up with event attendees or campaign contributers
Sending regular newsletters

Creating your Email Blast

From Donor Management, click Communication followed by Email Blasts.

Next, click Add Email Blast from the top right of your screen and you will be launched into the first step of building a new email blast!

Step 1 - Introduction

Just name your email blast and head to the next step. The name should be something relevant to the purpose of the email, such as "September Newsletter" or "Invitation to Spring Gala."

If you want to copy an email you've sent previously or even a saved email template just click on the option and then make your selection. You will then skip straight to the "Build" step and the content from that selected email will already be there!

Step 2 - Purpose
Select the purpose for sending this email. Why do we care you might ask? Great question! We have designed email layouts specifically for each purpose, which you will see on the next step. If you prefer to see all the layout options click the "skip" link at the bottom.

Step 3 - Layout
Select the layout you think will work best. If you select one and change your mind that's ok! Just come back to this step and choose a different layout.

Step 4 - Build
Time to add your content and images! Click "Edit" to make changes to each content area. The "Edit" button will reveal a web editor with a menu of formatting options. We recommend using merge fields so your emails can feel more personal! Make sure you link your donation page too - especially if it is an appeal.

When you’re finished customizing each section, be sure to click the Save button!

Don't forget to send yourself a quick test email to make sure everything looks great and the links go where they're supposed to.

Step 5 - Setup
This is a small but mighty step! Add your awesome subject line, be sure the from name and reply-to email address are correct and add some preview text to customize what your recipients will see in their inbox. Not sure what to put in that 'preview text' or 'from name' box? No worries, here's a quick look at an inbox to help you know where these will display for your recipients.

Step 6 - Recipients
Want to send your email blast to everyone? No problem, select that option and proceed. Need to send it to a specific group of people? Sure, just click "Custom List" and then choose from among your groups, as well as any custom filters you have saved. You can even type in the names of individuals to send to. If you need help creating the right filter for your email blast, check out this article! Oh, and don't worry if a person exists in more than one group or filter... they will only receive the email once.

Step 7 - Review

Woohoo, time to finalize the email blast! Send yourself and your staff a test copy to make sure everything looks perfect. Schedule the email to be sent automatically in the future by clicking "Schedule Delivery" or if you're ready to go now just click "Send Now" and it will sent off to your recipients right away. If you're not quite done, that's ok. Just click Save & Exit and you can keep working on the email blast later.

You've sent it!

After your email blast has been sent, you can review your open, click, and bounce rates by returning to the Email Blasts screen and clicking View Recipients next to your sent email blast.

Any email addresses that bounced will be removed from future mailings. So will recipients who hit Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. If you want to find particular segments of your recipient list, you can easily filter by the recipient's action status.

Happy emailing!

If you're interested in learning more about using Donor Management to send emails, sign up for our training session

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