Tracking External Email Communication

Keep all your communication with a contact close at hand!

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In some cases, you may be corresponding with some of your organization's contacts outside of Donor Management - like through your own personal email inbox - but you'd like to keep a record of that conversation consolidated with all of your other donor's records.

That's where tracking external email communication comes in - there's a quick and easy way to keep a record of all of those messages in one place.

Adding a BCC Recipient

First, before sending an external email to one of your contacts, be sure to include the following address as a “BCC recipient”:

The ‘subdomain’ portion of this e-mail address comes from your Donor Management domain. If your organization’s login link is, add the email address as a BCC recipient.

You can also find this address by accessing any contact's profile, looking for the section Communication, then clicking Send & Track Personal Email.

Your default email program will then open, and it will populate an email to this contact with your unique BCC email address.

Please note that the email address from which you are sending the email must match an email address of a Network for Good admin for the emails to track - so if the email you're sending the message from isn't listed as an “admin” email, this process won't work.

If the person you’re emailing is already a contact in Donor Management, you’ll be able to see this communication on their contact record under the “Communication” section in their profile - exactly where you found your BCC email address.

Additionally, if you send an email to an email address not already associated with a contact in Donor Management, that email will be added as a new contact when you send an email with the external tracking BCC email listed.

If you've sent an email and forgot to include the BCC address, simply forward the email directly to your BCC address!

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