If you haven't kept up with acknowledging the donations that are rolling in using our handy acknowledgement workflow, don't despair! You can easily send a bunch of letters or emails to the donors who have been waiting patiently for their thank-you note.

First, Create a Template for your Acknowledgement

You can create a template as an Email Blast Template (use the "email blast" template option) or as a Direct Mail template (use the "direct mail" template option).

TIP: Use merge fields to customize your acknowledgements to each donor.

 Next, Segment your Donors

Want to send your acknowledgement to all your unacknowledged donors? Create this simple filter in Giving to create that segment.  Click Create Filter, choose Acknowledged + is false.

You could add conditions to this filter to make it more specific. Let's say you only want to send acknowledgements out to the unacknowledged donors who have given in the last 2 months.  You can add one more condition to narrow it down.  Click Add Condition.  Then choose Donation Date + Greater Than + Date 2 Months Ago.

Now it's important to save your filter! Click Save Filter and give it a nice, descriptive name.

Now you can select this saved filter to use as the recipients list for your Email Blast or Direct Mailing!

Review and Send

You can always review the list of recipients before you send or mail your communication. Click on the selected recipients from the main Direct Mail or Email Blast screen.  Then click Send Now for email or Generate Labels and Letters for Direct Mail.

TIP: To send your bulk acknowledgement again later, click the down arrow next to Edit to duplicate your Email Blast or Direct Mailing. Then select Duplicate. Just be sure to review your settings and the recipient list before sending again.

Mark the Gifts as Acknowledged

Finally, return to the Giving screen.  Click Saved Filters, and select the filter you used to send your acknowledgements.

Scroll down and click the little checkbox next to "Contact" to select all the gift records returned by your filter.

Scroll back up and use the drop down to mark all those donations as Acknowledged!

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