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Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Online Integration
Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Online Integration
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Is the Integration Working Successfully?

There are three important things that will happen when you sync transactions from Donor Management into QuickBooks Online:

  • A new sales receipt will be created in QuickBooks Online. If you were to look under “Sales” in QuickBooks Online, and then select “All Sales,” you should be able to locate that new receipt you just generated. It should take less than 2 minutes for the sales receipt(s) to appear in QuickBooks Online after syncing the transactions.

  • A corresponding sales receipt will be created in the Donor Management System after the sync is complete. This receipt can be found under the “Settings” tab in Donor Management, after selecting the option for “QuickBooks Online” from the dropdown options, and then selecting the option for “Sales Receipts.” This should also take less than 2 minutes to generate once the sync is complete.

  • The transactions that you sync into QuickBooks Online will no longer appear under the “QuickBooks Online” tab in Donor Management as “ready to sync,” since they have now been synced into QuickBooks Online.

Unsuccessful Sync into QuickBooks Online

If transactions don't appear to be syncing successfully into QuickBooks Online, there's a few tips we have to help check and determine what might not be working within the integration.

Make sure you've connected the correct QuickBooks Online account to Donor Management while setting up the integration.

It sounds silly - but it happens more often than you think!

If your QuickBooks Online account is associated with more than one organization or business, you're prompted to select the correct one during setup - if you've connected the wrong one, you should be able to “disconnect” the sync in Donor Management, and then restart the setup process in order to select the correct account going forward.

Make sure that you've set up Product/Service mapping correctly.

One common problem we see is that organizations will map “credit card fees” to a product/service in QuickBooks Online - but they won't check both “I sell this product/service to my donors” and “I purchase this product/service from a vendor”, or they won't select an expense account when mapping those fees.

Synced Transactions Without a Sales Receipt ID

If you're noticing that your transactions are syncing, but they're not being associated with a “Sales Receipt ID” number - chances are that you might have what's called “custom transaction numbers” turned on in your QuickBooks account.

You should be able to turn this off under “Settings” within QuickBooks Online, if needed.

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