Want to see all the donations from a particular campaign?  Need an Excel spreadsheet of donors who gave in 2016, but not 2017?  There's a filter for that!

When you start building your report, the first question you should ask is:

 "Do I want a list of people or a list of donations?"

If your answer is "People!" you'll go to the Contacts section.  If you're looking for a detailed breakdown of individual gifts, head on over to Giving.  

Recommended Filters / Exporting Your Report

Let's say you want to make personal phone calls to your lapsed donors, so you need a printable Excel spreadsheet with their contact information.

"Recommended Filters" are available to help you quickly find important information.  To find our lapsed donors we'll select "Donated Some Year But Not Yet This Year (SYBUNT)".

Simply click on the title of that filter, and you'll see the results below! 

TIP: You'll need to choose Select All to select all the contacts that the filter found. Then click Export from among the bulk actions in the top-right corner.  We'll email you a link to download the file once it's ready.

TIP: The resulting spreadsheet will include all the fields in our system for each contact, so simply delete or hide any columns you don't want.

Custom Filters

Here's a walk through on how to create two common filters: donations made within a specific time frame and donors who have given more or less than a specific amount. 

Not what you're looking for? Read on to learn more about custom filters! 

If you're looking for specific information that's not included in the Recommended Filters, it's easy to build and save a custom filter to meet your needs.

For example, let's use filters to quickly find the records for check donations that were received in Q2 of last year.

Since we're looking for donation records, we'll create this filter in Giving.

When you click Create Filter you'll be prompted to choose your first condition. Using the drop down menus, we selected Payment Method Equals Check. Now the filter will return only check donations.

TIP: So many fields can be filtered! Take some time to familiarize yourself with the filtering options so you can find exactly what you want at a moment's notice.

We still need to narrow this filter down in order to return only check donations from a particular time period (of last year).  To do this, click Add Condition

Use two Donation Date conditions to create your date range - use the Greater Than/Less Than or Equal To operators to set your date range.  

Once you are done creating your filter, either Search to return the results, or Save Filter if you'd like to access it later.  

TIP: You can rename your saved filters using the Manage Saved Filters button.  Filter names by default include every condition - try giving them easy-to-understand names like "Last Week's Credit Card Donations".

Filtering is a powerful tool; save your regularly used filters and soon you'll be a reporting powerhouse. If you have more in-depth questions about filtering, contact the friendly Solutions Specialists at success@networkforgood.com.

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