Need help building your page for an event or capital campaign? Have a long list of donations to enter into your database? This is what friends are for.

If you're lucky enough to have some colleagues helping you out, you'll want to grant them admin access to your Donor Management System and Fundraising Pages (no sharing passwords required.)  

Click the button below for a step by step walk through. (Or read on!) 

Adding Admins in Donor Management & Fundraising Pages

First, click "Settings", and choose "Admins" from the left hand menu in Donor Management. 

Then click the orange Add Admin button on the right.

On the next screen, enter the admin's name and email address.  They'll use this email address to login and reset their password if needed. You can add a phone number and photo too, but those are optional.

Finally, select an access level.  You have full control over what your staff and volunteers can do with the system.

Supervisor: these admins have ALL the access including adding and managing other admins.
Staff: these admins have ALL the powers of Supervisors except for accessing anything under the settings menu option (adding admins, creating custom fields, accessing billing information). Great for your colleagues who need to have full access.
Staff-Limited: these admins cannot see ANY financial information about your donors like your donors’ giving history and giving totals. They can see the year-to-date totals for your organization as a whole but do not have visibility at the donor level. Otherwise, they have all the access that regular “Staff” admins have. Great for volunteers, board members and interns.
Recorder: can add contacts and donations but cannot see or do anything else. Great for volunteers or interns to delegate those light tasks to.
Viewer: can see everything but cannot do anything. Great for collaboration with others without having to worry about information getting accidentally changed or deleted.

Click Save and you're done! The new admin will receive an email prompting them to set a password. These admins now have access to log in to Donor Management and Fundraising Pages.

Adding an Admin to Fundraising Pages

NOTE: If you've already given someone access to Donor Management, they will already have access to Fundraising Pages. If you only want someone to access Fundraising Pages, read on. 

If you only want a colleague, volunteer, or intern to have access to create Fundraising Pages, you can navigate to Fundraising Pages and create their admin access separately from Donor Management. Any admin that was originally created in Fundraising Pages will only have access to Fundraising Pages.

First, click People > Admins

Click Add Admin.

You'll then be prompted to enter the admin's name and email.

Then select the role. 

Optionally, select notice roles for the admin - these are simply different options for notifications that the admin can receive.

TIP: We recommend checking "order confirmation BCC recipient" if you'd like the admin to receive notifications about every donation. Or select "Donation Reports Recipient" if you'd like the admin to receive daily reports via email for days when donations are made.

Finally, click Save & Exit

Your new admin will automatically receive an email with instructions for setting a password and logging in.

TIP: If your colleague doesn't receive the email within a few minutes, ask that they check their spam folder (just in case!)

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