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Using the Fundraising Email Gallery
Using the Fundraising Email Gallery

View these frequently asked questions about the Fundraising Email Gallery.

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What is the Fundraising Email Gallery?

The Fundraising Email Gallery feature is a collection of email blasts that other nonprofit clients have made and chosen to share. The gallery is designed to help you gain inspiration from these email blasts - and even use them as templates that you can personalize to fit your own organization's needs.

How do I access the gallery?

The gallery can be found on the "Email Blasts" landing page, which you can access by clicking on the "Communication" tab in the left-hand navigation, and selecting "Email Blasts" from the drop-down menu.

Once there, you should see a blue banner at the top of the page - you can then click on the "View the Gallery" button to see the available templates.

How do I use the available filters to find the right template?

There are 2 filters that you can use to find the perfect email template for your needs:

  • Category: This filter can help you find the same email type that you are looking to send, such as a newsletter, appeal, or event invitation.

  • Cause Area: This filter can help you find templates based on the sector of the non-profit that the email is from, such as education, health, or human services.

You can also use the search bar to search the gallery by email name, subject, or content within the email.

Where did these emails come from?

These emails were created and shared by your fellow Bonterra customers. These customers gave permission to have their emails shared with or other nonprofit clients.

How can I submit one of my emails to the gallery for consideration?

When creating an email blast, there is a setting within the "Setup" step where you can choose to share the email blast within the gallery.

Alternatively, you can locate the email on the "Email Blasts" landing page after you have sent your message, and click on the "Actions" button. You can then select the "Share to Email Gallery" option from the available drop-down options.

Please note - you won't have the option to share an email that you've created from an existing template selected from the email gallery.

What if I don't want to share my email blasts for use within the gallery?

If you would not like to share your email blast, simply do not check the box during that "Setup" step.

How long is it from the time I give my email permission that it will be featured in the gallery?

It can take up to 24 hours for your email to be featured in the gallery after you've opted to share that message.

Additionally, giving permission to use your email does not guarantee that the your email will be featured in the gallery.

What do the "engagement" and "fundraiser" labels on the emails mean?

These labels indicate how well the original email performed after being sent to a specific audience. The "engagement" label refers to the open and click rates of that email, while the "fundraiser" label refers to how much money the email raised overall.

How can I remove one of my organization’s emails that's currently included in the gallery?

To remove an email that's included within the galley from being accessible, you'll want to locate that email blast on the "Email Blasts" landing page.

You'll then want to click on the "Actions" button next to that email, and select the option to "Remove from Email Gallery" from the drop-down options.

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