If you are looking to prevent duplicates, our system uses email or full address as a unique identifier.  When you import donations or contacts, include an email or address in that import file so that our system knows that the two John Smiths in your spreadsheet are the same John Smith.  Without an email or physical address, our system won't assume that John Smith in your spreadsheet is the same John Smith in your database and will create a new contact record.

So your data import is done, and you're feeling ready to roll! But wait, what's this orange alert that has popped up under Contacts? You may have a lot of duplicates when you first import your data, but try not to feel overwhelmed.  It's quick and easy to review your dupes, and your database will thank you for it!

If you know you have duplicates but the system hasn't flagged them for you, you can manually flag them

If your contact or donation record upload included contacts that appear suspiciously similar, they will be automatically flagged as duplicates.  It's then up to you to review them, decide if they really are duplicate records, and merge them!

Once you discover duplicates, the process of merging is simple (and oh-so satisfying) - first click Duplicates.

You'll then be shown a list of all the potential duplicate pairs.

Click on the pair of names, or the blue Review button next to the duplicate you'd like to review. 

Now you'll see a more detailed side-by-side comparison of the duplicate profiles.  Is one obviously the more complete, better profile? Select it by clicking in the circle beneath the record!

TIP: If you need more information, you can always click "View Full Profile" to inspect each record more thoroughly.

When you merge contact records, any blank fields from the selected profile will be populated with the data from the secondary profile (if available).  The selected profile's data will remain fully intact.  For example, if we select T. Duplicate as the primary record, after the merge it will have the address field from Test Duplicate, but retain the same email address.

Remember: All giving records will be transferred onto a single contact record - you won't lose any donation records when you merge contacts.

After you've reviewed your duplicates, you've got two choices - select These Aren't Duplicates to get rid of this pairing on your Duplicates screen, or Merge Contacts to make them one again!

Important: If the system is not recognizing two contacts as duplicates you don't have to rely on Donor Management to flag your duplicates either - if you have two records you need to merge, you can flag them yourself by selecting each contact record, clicking Bulk Actions, and then choosing Flag Potential Duplicates!

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