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Enabling Your Own "From" Email Address on Email Blasts
Enabling Your Own "From" Email Address on Email Blasts

An extra personal touch for your automated emails.

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Ready to get started in setting up your email blasts to show that they're "from" your organization?

The first step you'll need to do is fill out this form. You will then recieve a reply from our Support Team via email, providing you with the CNAMEs to fill out in your DNS.

Worried about email bounces? We'll cover how to avoid that by adding some specific additional information - it's included in that email you'll recieve!

Setting your own "From" email address is a good idea all around: more of your emails will reach your recipients' inboxes and avoid the dreaded spam folder, and it just makes your emails look more personal, like you're reaching out directly to your donors. The support team at Network for Good is here to help you get this feature working for your emails for better results!

Keep in mind, this process cannot be completed if you send email from a regular, free email address (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail). You'll need to use an email address registered with a domain that you own.

First, Let us Know What Address You Would Like to Use

  • Please let us know which From Email Address you would like to use by filling out this form, and what company hosts that domain (GoDaddy, etc). If you don't know, you can use the ICANN Whois to let you know. 

Then, Change the CNAMEs in Your DNS

  • We will reply by email and send you some CNAME information. A CNAME is a setting in your DNS that determines how things are named online. A CNAME looks like this:

      NAME Points To:

We will give you three CNAMEs customized for your organization, as well as an additional string of code you'll want to add to another specified field. Give the CNAMEs that we provide to you to your IT person (or whoever helped you when you first set up your website), and they will be able to make the changes to the server that we need.

Once that is complete, let us know, and we will be able to finish the process by adding the record of the from email address to your Donor Management System, and you'll be all set!

PRO TIP: Use an actual human's email address and avoid the promotions and junk folders! For example, "" will likely be detected as a marketing email whereas "" will be recognized by your recipients and increase deliverability rates.

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