Fonts (How-to Guide)

How can I choose a different font or change the font size?

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The resume builder gives you a selection of custom-designed fonts that stand out compared to the typical default fonts you’ll find in word processors. You can choose from different serif and non-serif fonts to help style your resume to your liking. 

To view your options, click on the Font icon in the top menu bar in the resume builder. If you have a Basic account, you will have three options available. Premium accounts give access to an additional 9 fonts.

After choosing a font, you can adjust the sizing of the font that will be applied throughout your resume to either small, medium or large.

This is particularly useful if you are having trouble fitting the content of your resume to a specific page. For example, if you have selected small font size and your resume content is only filling 90% of a page, try bumping the font size to medium to see if the content fits better. 

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