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Introduction to pages
Introduction to pages
Written by Dan Minchom
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You can create as many pages as you need on your Ochre site. These can be used to create sections of your website, or sharable splash pages that are not necessarily navigable to from your website.

Pages, Modules and Tags

Pages are made up of modules of content. There are various types of modules that handle different kinds of content. Most different kinds of content that you find in your product catalogue can be displayed in a module such as "Products", "Product Formats", "Artists", "Labels" or other pages. The content displayed is defined by selecting a Tag.

Modules can also be embedded content or blocks of HTML.

Modules can be rearranged on the page by dragging and dropping to change the order that they appear on the Module Content tab of a page in Ochre.

Different types of modules are described in more detail elsewhere in this helpdesk.

Meta-tags, Social and Sharing

These are set by automatically to your store defaults, but can be overridden by going to the "Social and Sharing" tab of a page in Ochre.

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