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Written by Dan Minchom
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Most items in Ochre can be categorised using "Tags". This includes:

  • Products

  • Formats

  • Artists

  • Labels

  • Videos

  • Images

  • Pages

A tag can then be used in numerous ways across the platforms.

Creating Tags

Where ever you see a "Add Tag" button in Ochre you can tag the item. This can be found on Products, Product Formats, Artists, Labels and Pages etc.

You can type in the tag name that you wish and if it exists already it will suggest it for you to add the item to. If you want a new tag, just type what you want it to be called and submit to create a new tag in one action.

Using Tags

Tags In Modules

The content displayed in a module on a site page is selected by selecting a tag that you wish to display. If you add an item directly to a module, a Tag is created automatically in the background

Tags In Reports

All reports can be filtered by Tags to view just the tags that you want.

Tags on the store

Every tag has a specific page on the store, allowing you to share a simple link to a specific group of products. This URL can be found on the tag page in Ochre.

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