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Adding a product format
Adding a product format

How to add a purchasable format to your product.

Written by Dan Minchom
Updated over a week ago

Product formats represent the sellable components of products. You can set a price and item availability.

Product > Create Product Format

Format type

For some format types you will be asked to select an additional type.

e.g. for vinyl select between 1xLP and 12".

The short description allows additional differentiation between formats and appears on the store during checkout and in customer order summaries.

The extended description is useful for multi-line text describing the content of the product.

If you don't see the exact format type you would to present on your store, please contact us and we can create new types for you. We limit the format options so we can provide simplified filtering across websites, and accurate shipping calculations and metrics across the whole platform.


Products can be priced in pound sterling, dollar and euro.


Pound sterling





US dollar

Rest of the world

Purchase limit per order

It is possible to restrict each customer to a set number of units per purchase. This is useful if items are limited.

A default value can be set on the store level, which applies to all products unless set.

Catalogue number

This is your internal identifier for the product.

SKU code

The SKU code identifies which item in your warehouse this product relates to.

Normally you will not need to enter this on product creation as there it will be created automatically when you first notify the warehouse that this stock is incoming by creating a ship notice.

Next steps

Activate your product and formats.

Add stock to your products. Physical items won't be available to buy until there is stock set up for them.

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