Bulk editing tracks

Update multiple tracks on a product at once.

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If you manually created digital formats by uploading digital assets then you will be able to edit the product track list.

Tracks can be multi-selected and edited together.

Certain information about the digital track assets can be edited in one click such as whether tracks are:

  • Active - i.e. shown on the store front-end or not

  • Album-only Purchase - for tracks that you don’t want to be individually purchasable

  • Pre-order Previewable - whether a track can be listened to before the release date

  • Pre-order Purchasable/Downloadable - for tracks that are available before the release date of the album. These can be purchasable individually or an instant-grat. when the digital product is pre-ordered

Other information can be edited individually such as track titles, artist names (useful in the case of compilation releases) and ISRCs.

Tracks can also be uploaded to a product by going to Actions > Add Tracks (upload).

You can also replace track assets by selecting Replace Track Assets.


After any edits to track, title, artist or certain release-level information, the MP3 and FLAC assets require re-transcoding to ensure the ID3 tags on the FLAC and MP3 versions are correct. This can be triggered from the button below the release title and will suggest this upon editing.

Tracks can be archived and added to a product that is live on the store and has previously been purchased. Customers who have purchased the product will always be able to download the current tracklisting. Therefore track additions are immediately available in their account and removed tracks cease to be accessible.

To seamlessly add to a live release you must follow several steps

1. Add as inactive

When adding tracks to a live product they are created as "Inactive". Whilst inactive they are not visible on the front end and are not added to the tracks available to download. Inactive tracks are not considered in the track listing when re-transcoding assets.

2. Activate and Hide

Tracks then can be activated and "Hidden". Whilst hidden you can re-transcode the product considering the new tracklisting without displaying on the front end. This is essential to ensure that the track numbering is correct with the new tracks prior to making available to customers.

3. Activate

Tracks can then be activated and the new tracks will be visible and correctly accessible as downloads.

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