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Using DDEX to manage your digital catalogue
Using DDEX to manage your digital catalogue

Delivering digital releases via DDEX, receiving updates and takedowns.

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What is DDEX?

DDEX is a release delivery standard.

By delivering releases via DDEX you can manage product creation, as well as updates and takedowns without the need for manual amends.

New releases

After delivering a release via DDEX the delivery will be processed and the product will be created on your Ochre store.

The product will be kept inactive until it is ready to be activated by you.

Deals and available territories

The DDEX delivery will specify which territories the digital product may be sold in. These are known as deals. Deals cannot be created or updated manually.

If the digital product is not available in a given territory, then the digital formats will be hidden on the store product page. If you have physical formats that are available worldwide, then these will still be available to customers.

Deals have a start and end date. For each territory, the product will only be available after the start date and before the end date. The end date will generally only used for a product takedown, so the date range may be open ended.


If an update is required on a digital product, it must be issued with a DDEX delivery.

Because the DDEX data is intended as a single point of truth for your catalogue,

product metadata fields are locked and manual changes are not possible. The product metadata is managed by the DDEX release and sent to all digital platforms.

Track editing is also locked, as are territories.

Product updates sent via DDEX might include:

  • corrections to titles or other metadata

  • updates to release dates

  • changes to deals (where the product availability in a given territory has changed)

If a track is removed from the release as part of the update, the customer will still be able to download it.


If a takedown is issued, then a product will no longer be available in any territory and the digital product and tracks will be hidden. This is received in the same way as other product updates.

If the product has any physical formats, these will still be available to buy.

If customers have already purchased the digital product, they will still be able to download it.

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