Selling 24-bit WAVs

How to add 24bit formats to a product.

Written by Dan Minchom
Updated over a week ago

The digital delivery process does not currently allow for 24-bit versions of releases to be ingested. However, 24-bit WAVs can be manually uploaded to an existing digital release.

How to add a 24-bit WAV format

The product must already have a normal (16-bit) WAV format and tracks created.

Product > Actions > Add Digital Formats

  • You will need to upload 24-bit assets for all of the existing tracks.

  • Uploads will be sorted: 1โ€“9 Aโ€“Z, so please change filenames to start with the track number (incl. leading zeros). E.g. 001-track-name.wav

The new format will automatically be set to the same release date as MP3 format.

The new format will need to be activated in order for it to show on the store and be available to buy.

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