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Whiplash: How to upload orders via CSV
Whiplash: How to upload orders via CSV

Uploading orders to your Whiplash account using CSV

Written by Sarah-Jane Mathers-Reilly
Updated over a week ago

This article is to assist clients managing fulfilment on the Whiplash system.

CSV uploads to Whiplash are done here:

You will need to download the sample CSV, and then take your CSV export (e.g. Bandcamp order export) and transfer the information over.

All items for an order need to appear on one line.

This is how to format your upload:

Order # - Customer order ID
Shipping Name - The end recipient name
Shipping Address 1 - The end recipient address line one
Shipping Address 2 - The end recipient address line two
Shipping City - The destination city for end recipient
Shipping State - The destination state for end recipient
Shipping Zip - The destination zip code for end recipient
Shipping Country - The destination country for end recipient
Shipping Phone - The end recipient phone number *Note: this is now a requirement to create returns
Ship Method - The selected ship method to be used
Email - The end recipient email address
Order Type - What type of order? Order Types :

item1 - First SKU
qty1 - Quantity of the first SKU
price1 - Price of the first SKU - no dollar signs are needed. Only the numerical amount with decimals (Example: 110.99) currency1 - The type of currency you are entering (Example: USD, GBP, or CAD)
Repeat this process for items (SKU's) 2-25 on the template.

For the shipping type please put "Whiplash Cheapest Rate" for the cheapest service.

All fields need to match the database accurately or the upload will fail. Pay extra attention to spaces before or after words. For example, if there is an extra space before or after a country name it will not be accepted. If an error occurs the system will flag where the issue lies.

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