Moving to DDEX 3.8.2

For clients already using digital deliveries: upgrading to the latest supported version of DDEX.

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Upgrading to DDEX 3.8.2 will allow you to receive automated product updates.

Find out more about what DDEX means for managing your catalogue:

Sending digital deliveries to Ochre via DDEX

To delivery content via DDEX, you will need to get your distributor to deliver to the new FTP. Please get in touch so we can help arrange this.


  1. Sanitise your release metadata. If you are aware of any non-standard uses of metadata, please let us know.

  2. We will configure your account for new DDEX pipeline.

  3. We will perform a sample ingest, and a sample update.

  4. We will then ask you to initiate a redelivery of a few live titles to ensure everything is working and metadata populates normally.

Updating existing releases

Update type deliveries will be matched to existing releases ingested via DDEX. The delivery will replace metadata, tracks, and deals for the digital formats.

Customers who have purchased the release will be able to download the updated version of the release if it has changed. If a release takedown happens via a DDEX update, customer purchases will remain intact and they will still be able to download the last available version.

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