If a release has been delivered via DDEX, then the metadata fields will be locked and uneditable. This is done to enforce a single point of truth for your catalogue. Updates to a release must be sent via a DDEX update.

Unlinking DDEX

If making an update via a new DDEX delivery isn't an option, then you can allow manual edits by first unlinking DDEX from the product. After unlinking, the product will be treated the same as a manually created product, with metadata fields able to be edited.

Once unlinked, this product will no longer receive updates via DDEX. This means that corrections to the metadata and updates to the deal (including takedowns) won’t be applied to the product.

How to unlink DDEX

Product > Actions > Unlink DDEX

Relinking DDEX

Updates can be turned back on by relinking DDEX. This won’t immediately revert any manual changes. Changes will be overwritten when the next DDEX update is received.

How to relink DDEX

Product > Actions > Relink DDEX

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