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Abandoned cart tracking with ActiveCampaign (Beta)
Abandoned cart tracking with ActiveCampaign (Beta)
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The abandoned cart feature allows you to track when users have added items to their cart and started the checkout process, but then not placed an order. It can be used to automate email messaging that aims to get them to return to the store to complete their purchase.

The feature is built on top of the ActiveCampaign mailing list integration, so setting that up is required before you can use the abandoned cart feature.

This feature is currently in Beta. If you are interested in using it, please get in touch and we can turn it on for your store and help you get set up.


  • Customers need to be subscribed to an ActiveCampaign mailing list linked with your store. If the customer unsubscribes, the process will ignore any data synchronisation (orders and cart)

  • The cart must be inactive for more than 1 hour

Abandoned cart process


  • Session inactive for 15 mins

  • Cart marked as abandoned

  • Sync process checks for eligible carts every minute (carts set as abandoned with the past hour)

  • Cart is synced to ActiveCampaign

  • Automation is triggered with custom waiting time

  • ActiveCampaign abandoned cart is checked again after waiting time

  • Email is sent if it's still abandoned

  • Customer clicks on email and resumes session

  • Cart marked as active

  • ActiveCampaign abandoned cart is deleted

  • (Flow restarts)

Automation example


The current implementation does not present carts that have been revisited as recovered โ€“ has recovered cart on the ActiveCampaign. The cart will be considered as active if the customer resumes checkout.

Multi-run automations are limited to 10 times per 24 hrs.

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