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ActiveCampaign mailing list integration
ActiveCampaign mailing list integration

How to set up and use an ActiveCampaign mailing list with your store

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Feature summary

  • Sync new contact subscriptions

  • Receive contact subscription updates through webhooks

  • Retail data synchronisation

  • Propagate contact delete / anonymisation requests (GDPR)

  • Site and Event tracking

  • Custom events through the opt-in button feature

  • Custom tagging through the opt-in button feature

  • Abandoned cart syncing

Mailing lists

All ActiveCampaign features will use the mailing list as a basis for their operation.

Ochre allows linking an existing ActiveCampaign mailing list into a store, which will then trigger the synchronisation process. This will sync back to Ochre all contacts and the corresponding subscription statuses which then can be managed by each used in the store itself.

Contact subscriptions


As soon as a mailing list is linked and synced for a given store, if a contact signs up, that request will be sent to a queue.

An asynchronous process will pick it up and then propagate the subscription to ActiveCampaign.

Webhook updates

When creating a new mailing list link on Ochre the platform generates a webhook URL that can be set up on ActiveCampaign with the contact related scopes.

On ActiveCampaign, the webhooks management page can be accessed through the following steps:

  • Settings

  • Developer

  • Manage Webhooks (button on the top right corner)

For adding a new entry the URL highlighted above should be used, checking the following types:

  • Contact Added

  • Contact Added To Account

  • Contact Note Added

  • Contact Tag Added

  • Contact Tag Removed

  • Contact Task Added

  • Contact Unsubscription

  • Contact Updated

  • Contact on Account Updated/Removed

Initialised from:

  • Contact

  • Any user

  • System processes

As soon as this is done, if a contact is manually managed, Ochre will get an update request to reflect that.

Retail data synchronisation

As soon as a new mailing list is created or linked with a store on Ochre, the system starts a contact synchronisation process.

All contacts pulled and set as subscribed to the given mailing list will be eligible for getting all their retail data synchronised with ActiveCampaign by a scheduled process.

This process will pick up all the purchase orders that match a customer with the subscriber’s email as username, for all stores sharing that mailing list.

If the customer unsubscribes, any future orders will not be synced.

After the data being pushed it should become available through the contact’s page on ActiveCampaign, as well as exploitable through automations:

All order related actions, like refunds or cancellations, will also be reflected through an update to the existing ActiveCampaign retail data.

Contact deletion (GDPR)

When Ochre deals with a customer data deletion / sanitisation request, the platform syncs that request with all the relevant integrations.

With the ActiveCampaign integration these requests represent deleting the actual contact in the remote system.

Retail data synced is aggregated based on the ActiveCampaign contact, so that will become unavailable too.

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