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Linking a Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign mailing list to your site to get newsletter signups.

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Integrating a mailing list has several advantages over a sign-up form embed or a standard checkbox on sign up:

  • The option is presented on registration, in cart, and at checkout

  • Sync. is handled automatically without the need for customer data to be downloaded

  • Registration is only presented if customer is not already signed up

  • Multiple mailing lists can be added per store

  • Mailing lists can be linked to artists and labels and only displayed if relevant products are in the customer's cart

How to set up

Site Settings > Mailing Lists

Add Mailing List

Enter API credentials from your mailing list service and enter the service mailing list ID.

Give your mailing list a Name. This will be displayed on the site alongside the checkbox.

To display more information about the mailing list, enter a Description. This is optional, but recommended as it gives the user a better understanding about what to expect from signing up and encourages engagement.

You can add a link to a dedicated Privacy Policy URL if the terms of subscription to the mailing list are not contained in the standard site Privacy Policy.

Artist and Label lists

You can link a list specifically to an artist or label, so that the option to subscribe to the mailing list appears at the point of checkout if the customer is purchasing a product by that artist or on that label.

Section Heading

By default, the mailing list section of the registration or cart page will have a heading 'Subscribe'. To change this, enter a different value on any mailing list.


After setting up a mailing list, it will attempt to synchronise the mailing list subscribers with the external service. You can manually start this process by clicking More > Sync. List.

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