***Subscriptions are non-refundable***

If you need to exchange tickets, please contact the venue you purchased from.

Exchanging tickets is at the discretion of individual organizations.

To purchase a subscription, click on the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab from the venue's ticketing page.

***Please note that if you want to purchase additional tickets besides the ones in your subscription package, that will need to be done in a separate transaction.***

Once you have found the subscription you want, click on the yellow Add Subscription button.

A pop up will confirm your subscription has been added to your cart.

Click View Cart to complete the checkout process. Fill out the required information and push Complete Purchase.

The confirmation screen provides your order number. You will also be sent a confirmation email.

This email has important directions about redeeming your subscription tickets.

Make sure to save it!

Your confirmation email looks like the one below:

Click on the My Subscriptions link. Enter the email used to purchase the subscription. Push Send Code.

You will be sent an email with a One Time Password (OTP) to unlock the subscriptions page to select your tickets. It will arrive in your email within a few seconds.

You have two minutes to enter the OTP. If you take longer than two minutes, you will need to have the code resent.

Please note: all of these steps are in place to ensure the security of your purchase.

My OTP for this example is 909321.

Enter the code in the Confirmation Code box and click Confirm.

Once you click confirm, you will arrive on your personal subscription landing page. This subscription package is for six tickets.

Select and click on the first show you would like to reserve. Our example show is She Kills Monsters.

Click on the show to get to the event's ticketing page.


Select and click on the date and time of your performance. I've selected March 18, 2022 for this example.

Select the SUBSCRIPTION ticket type and add the number of tickets you would like to redeem.

Push the Purchase button at the bottom of the page. This brings you to your cart. The ticket type is SUBSCRIPTION. Since you have already paid for these tickets and fees in advance with your subscription package, the total price is $0.00.

Click on the Checkout button. Fill in the required information to finish processing your purchase, then push Complete Purchase.

You will receive a new confirmation number and specific email for the show and subscription tickets you just redeemed.

Now when you go back to your Subscription landing page, click refresh. You can see how many tickets you have left to redeem.

You can redeem all of your subscriptions for each individual show in one session, but if you prefer to redeem your subscription tickets on a rolling basis, go back to your original subscription purchase email (that initial subscription email we suggested you save!), click on the My Subscriptions link, reauthorize your log in with the OTP, and repeat the ticket redemption steps.

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