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Start working with Quiz-funnels
Start working with Quiz-funnels

Here's where you learn how to build and implement Quizzes in Onepage.

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What are Quiz-funnels?

A quiz is an effective way to get more clients, which, in most cases, can provide higher conversion rates compared to other lead-generation methods.

Quiz funnels can come in handy when :

— You need to get more quality out of your leads

Because of a quiz structure, you can ask more questions as well as provide precise responses on the go with Quiz funnels, so only the most interested people make it through your funnel (and you gather a lot of useful data about them)

— You sell a complex product or service that needs a questionnaire

Let's say it's 1&1 personal coaching or an expensive niche product you offer. That's where Quiz-funnels shine, helping to provide your potential buyer with all the information in advance.

— You need something more simple yet effective than a landing-page

It takes minutes (sometimes even seconds) to set up a Quiz, while it's a little longer with a landing page. For some offers, Quiz-funnels alone are enough to start successfully selling products or services online.

— You want to boost your conversion rates (and generate MORE leads)

We observe significant conversion rate improvements on landing pages that have integrated Quiz-funnels to capture leads. It just feels more convenient for a page visitor to fill out a great-structured funnel than a normal Form.

How Quiz-funnels work

Quiz is an element in Onepage. If you need to know what an element is, check out an article, where we learn how to add and configure elements .

If you have an experience with other software, you probably got used to that quiz is always a stand-alone thing. Either integrated into a modal window or added as a completely separate page.

We take it to the whole another level, and here's how :

1. Add a quiz as an element anywhere on your page

It makes your life so much easier when it needs to be placed there. Like on the example of a beauty space landing page.

2. Your quiz shares the same colors and fonts with the rest of a project

It fits the general look and feel of your project, so your marketing instrument can not only work but also look awesome and professional.

3. You have the ability to use it stand-alone or in a modal window

Simply insert it onto a blank page and configure section settings to "full height." Then it appears as the only content on a page.

4. The process of setting it up takes minutes, if not seconds

And more. It has much potential at scale with Logic Jumps, Analytics, and Advanced tracking module.

Adding your first Quiz

There're two main use-cases of how you can do it. It's better to check out our article about sections before reading further.

If you need a standalone quiz

Click "create a project" or "create a page" (if a quiz needs to be added to an existing project) and select a suitable one from our template gallery

Practically, a page created from a Quiz template has no difference from a normal page with only one section that contains Quiz. You can always extend it the way you want with other elements and sections. It's made for ease of use.

If you need a quiz to be added to the existing page

Add it as a section from the Quiz category in a section library

Practically, a section from the quiz category has no difference from a section where you simply add a quiz as the only element. It's made for ease of use.

Or as an element anywhere you need on a page

Editing and saving a Quiz-funnel

After adding and before publishing, click on a quiz, configure it, make necessary changes and save it. Only saved quizzes will collect leads when published.

Publishing a quiz works the same way you publish a page. Just click the "Publish" button, and that's all you need to do.

These were the basics of Quiz-funnels in Onepage. We will explore editing in further articles. Stay tuned!

Do you have any feedback concerning this article? Please let us know through our live chat so we may keep it up to date. Thank you!

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