Showing your OneUp slideshows on TVs around your office is a great way to visualise and share data, as well as draw attention to any leagues or missions you have running. Read this article to find out how to set up your TVs to show your customised slideshows.

We recommend purchasing a mini PC stick such as a Chromebit or similar and a Wireless Keyboard to run OneUp on your office TV screens. Check out this article for more information on hardware recommendations.

Setting up a new TV

  1. On your TV, open Google Chrome and go to the URL

  2. A 6-digit code will then appear on the screen.

  3. On a laptop/computer, log into your OneUp account - this needs to be an account with admin access.

  4. Click the Settings button in the bottom left of the site, then click Screens.

  5. A new page opens. In the top right of the page, click the blue Activate New TV button.

  6. Select the slideshow you wish to be shown on this particular TV screen (if you have multiple slideshows, you can show different ones on each TV you set up).

  7. Name the TV something recognisable (e.g. Main Office, Reception, Sales Floor, Meeting Room).

  8. Finally, enter the 6-digit PIN that is currently shown on the TV and click Activate TV.

  9. That TV has now been activated and should appear as a new entry on your Screens page!

    The TV icon in the Screens page will be green to indicate that it is active. A grey TV icon indicates that TV is offline, or not displaying a slideshow using

  10. Repeat steps 1 - 8 for any additional screens you want to set up.

Your TVs will remain configured even if you log out or turn the TV off. Every time you make a change to the content in your slideshows, it will automatically update on your TV.

If your TV encounters issues or becomes inactive, go to the Screens page again and refresh the TV.

Bookmarking the slideshow

Adding a bookmark is the best way to easily get back to your slideshow if you need it again.

  1. In Chrome, click the context menu in the top right, then click Bookmarks > Bookmark this tab...

  2. From the new window, click More...

  3. In the URL box, replace the URL with

  4. Name the bookmark something recognisable (we recommend just 'OneUp TV', and click Save.

  5. Done! You can click this bookmark to return to the slideshow at any time.


If you still require help on this topic, get in touch with our support team via the chat system or email

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