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Understanding the Wisconsin "State Rpt" tab on the "View Student Data" page
Understanding the Wisconsin "State Rpt" tab on the "View Student Data" page

The "State Rpt" tab on the "View Student Data" page contains several fields that are vital to completing WISEdata Ed-Fi reporting.

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The "State Rpt" tab on the "View Student Data" page within jmc Office functions as a central hub for handling vital student information necessary for state reporting in Wisconsin. It's crucial to ensure precise input and thorough review of these details, as they directly impact meeting the state reporting criteria established by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). This tab allows users to monitor students' academic progress through the Wisconsin Student Assessment System (WSAS), specify the type of graduation certificate earned, manage the sharing of student addresses with WISEdata, and effectively convey non-traditional enrollment scenarios to the state.

Test Status

Wisconsin students demonstrate their progress toward achieving academic standards through participation in the Wisconsin Student Assessment System (WSAS). A student's test status is marked if they are exempt from taking a WSAS exam or if their examination is scheduled to occur after the reporting deadline.


The "Credential" drop-down list refers to the specific type of completion certificate a student has acquired upon successfully graduating from high school. It is essential for schools submitting student data through WISEdata to select an appropriate high school completion credential type for each student who has completed high school.

Sending Student Address to WISEdata

Including a student's home address in WISEdata submissions is a standard practice. However, there may be situations where a school needs to opt out of sharing this information. In such cases, jmc simplifies the process by allowing schools to make this request with just one click. This flexibility ensures that student data sharing aligns with specific school requirements and circumstances while maintaining data privacy and compliance with regulations.

Residency Status History

Creating a "Residency Status History" record involves fields designed to convey crucial enrollment details crucial for a student's education funding. These fields facilitate effective communication of non-traditional enrollment scenarios to the state, especially when a student's home address is outside the reporting district's boundaries. Additionally, they simplify the reporting of changes in residency education organization and date spans, particularly when a student's residency status undergoes modifications within the school year.

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