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Live Collaboration Mode
Live Collaboration Mode

You can code together with others live on the same sketch.

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We just launched a beta version of live collaboration, to make it easier to code together with your students!
As a teacher, live collaboration allows your students to watch you code as you type on your sketch, and even highlight or type at the same time.

To enable, turn on the Live Collaboration toggle in the code settings, and share your sketch URL with your students to start live collaboration:

When your students visit your sketch on their computer, they will see a "Live" indicator at the top, and they will be able to watch you type. They will also be able to highlight or make changes to your code, similar to Google Documents. 

In the same way, your students can enable Live Collaboration on their own sketches to invite you or their classmates to make edits live.


  • To join a Live Collaboration session, users should be an active student in one of your classes. Guests will not be displayed the live collaboration features even if you enable them on your sketch.

  • Currently, Live Collaboration is only supported on sketches with a single tab. Tutorial sketches are also not supported.  

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