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Student AvatarsStudents with restricted user accounts can create avatars instead of uploading photos for their user profile.
Exam Mode in Collections🧐 ✍️ Enable Exam Mode to make student sketches hidden from each other.
Student Account TypesLearn more about student accounts on OpenProcessing.
Class Visibility OptionsBased on the type of your class, you can make it visible to public or keep it between you and your students only.
Deadlines for AssignmentsYou can easily add deadlines to your collections in your class.
Live Collaboration ModeYou can code together with others live on the same sketch.
Add Private Teacher NotesYou can add notes for yourself in collections to look up later.
Using Syllabus TemplatesCreate your class using suggested topics, assignments, instructions and examples, all prepared by experienced instructors.
Add co-teachers or assistantsIt is easy to co-teach your class using our class platform. Here is how.
Setting Up Your Class on OpenProcessingFollow these easy steps and you will be coding with your students in seconds.
What happens when I cancel my Professor Plus+ subscription?What happens to my students' work when I cancel my Professor Plus+ subscription?
How do I select or change my privacy settings?Select or change your privacy settings to tailor who can see your code.
What happens if I run out of student seats?Learn about the soft and hard limits if you run out of student seats in your account.
How do I add or remove seats from my Professor Plus+ account?Learn how to add or remove seats from your Professor Plus+ account.
What kinds of questions will you answer with Priority Help?What kinds of questions you can ask Priority Help
Sketch Privacy OptionsSet your sketches private by making it visible only to the class, only to the professor or hide source code
Archiving ClassesYou can archive your classes at the end of a semester to freeze them, and free up students seats for future students.
How do I organize class sketches with collections?Collections are great ways to separate your class by topics, weeks, or assignments.
How can I give Plus+ Membership to my students?If you get ProfessorPlus+ Membership, all you students get Plus+ Membership!
Class Platform at a GlanceA quick look on how teaching with OpenProcessing works