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Exam Mode in Collections
Exam Mode in Collections

🧐 ✍️ Enable Exam Mode to make student sketches hidden from each other.

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Updated over a week ago

We just implemented a much-requested feature, particularly that comes in handy when you don't want your students to see each other's sketches, such as exam submissions.

You can enable Exam Mode toggle in the collection settings. Once enabled, the visibility settings of student sketches submitted in the future will be set to "Teachers only". This way, your students will be able to see the thumbnail of the submissions in the collection but will not be able to access the sketches when they select them.

Exam Mode toggle screenshot

Note 1: This feature will act on all future sketches to be submitted. It will not act retroactively to sketches already submitted. Therefore, it is a good idea to decide on this option before you announce this collection to your students.

Note 2: Disabling this toggle will **not** set the already-marked sketches visible to classmates again. Again, not retroactive. Sketch privacy settings will stay as they are.

Note 3: We will let your students know about this setting when they are submitting a sketch to your collection as below.

Note 4: Even though their sketch will be set "My Teachers", they can still go to the sketch settings and change the privacy setting back to "My Class" after. Ultimately, your students have the ownership of their sketches and have the final control over the sketch privacy settings.

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