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Kick start your sketches with sketch templates

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Now you can save any of your sketches to use as a template for your future sketches, or use our existing boilerplate templates to get coding faster. A template includes all the code, selected libraries and sketch settings, and these are automatically applied to your sketch when selected. Note that if you try to select a template on an existing sketch, your existing code may be overridden, so it is better to choose a template when starting to code your sketch.

If you are a teacher using our class platform, your templates will also be listed to your students and co-teachers in your classes. A great way to share your templates for each week or assignment!

How to Choose a Template for Your Sketch

When you create a new sketch, click on "Select a template" in the code settings to choose a template to start with. When you save a sketch as a template, they will also be listed here.

How to Create a Template

It is as simple as enabling "Add to My Templates" when you save a sketch. Once saved, your sketch will be displayed in your templates list at the top. If you are teaching a class on our class platform, this sketch will also be displayed to your student and your co-teachers. If you would rather keep this template private, you can select "Only Me" in sketch privacy settings before saving.

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