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How can I cancel a shift?
How can I cancel a shift?

How to cancel a shift and our cancellation policy.

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We understand that there are certain situations where you will need to cancel your shift. That's okay, below we have shown you how to cancel a shift.

To cancel an approved/ pending shift, simply view the shift in your calendar.

Please click on the top right box and choose 'Accepted' or 'Pending' from the drop down options depending on your shift status.

Please then select the date of the shift, and press cancel. If your application has been approved, please make sure to provide your cancellation reason. This is your opportunity to explain to us and the client why you need to cancel. Please provide detail here.

Please make sure you're aware of our Cancellation Policy:

Shifts approved by an employer should be cancelled with at least 48 hours notice of the shift starting.

Any shift(s) cancelled within a 48-hour window before the shift is due to start will incur a strike.

Orka Works has a strict 3-strike policy. Any violation of the Community Guidelines may constitute a strike – after 3 strikes you can be suspended/terminated from the platform.

We value our hard working community and our clients, cancelling late is not taken lightly. However, if you have a valid cancellation reason , it will be reviewed by our team on a case-by-case basis. Please provide the reason for cancellation in the text box provided so we can review this.

Remember - if a shift is left on 'Pending' and you can no longer do it, or believe it will be too late notice if it is now 'Approved', please remember to cancel it!

If you do not attend a shift you have been approved for, you will receive 2 strikes.

Always cancel a shift if you cannot attend!

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