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Community Guidelines🤝
Community Guidelines🤝

How to use the Orka Works platform respectfully and properly.

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Welcome to our Community Guidelines, they have been designed with you in mind.

Our Community Guidelines will provide you with helpful information which will be invaluable to you whilst using our app and on assignments with Orka Works.

If you have any queries or concerns about these Guidelines please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Operations Team.

Orka Values – 3R’s

(Respect, Reliability, Represent).


People working for us should be mindful of the feelings, wishes, and rights of others. This is vital to ensure that you leave everyone with a good impression of you and what you offer.

Treat each person with respect through the application process, while on shift, and afterwards.

Keep conversations in the workplace strictly professional and ensure that you follow the site rules along with these Community Guidelines.

Even when things go wrong, be respectful with how you communicate with those trying to help you.

When we say Respect, we mean it in three different ways:

  1. Yourself. Self-respect is a feeling of confidence and pride in your own ability and worth. Make sure you arrive on time with the right attitude and dressed appropriately for your shift.

  2. Orka Works. We are here to help you find work and to assist you when something goes wrong. Be sure to adhere to our standards and expectations. We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour towards our staff. If you are disrespectful towards us, we reserve the right to suspend your account.

  3. The company you are working for. Be respectful to their policies, property, staff and customers.


Reliability is key to success when working with us here at Orka. If you agree to work then you will be required to turn up on time and carry out your duties as agreed.

Both Orka Works and your employer will need to be able to get in contact with you either by phone or in-app messaging, so make sure you keep checking and respond as soon as you can.

To ensure you live by this value, we ask that you:

  • Don’t cancel shifts last minute. Anything less than 48 hours is considered to be too short notice to replace you on the shift and therefore is actively discouraged. This does not mean that it's okay to cancel shifts as long as over 48 hours' notice is provided - you are expected to work shifts that you're approved for, and should only cancel if there is an emergency or other genuinely valid reason. We provide flexibility, but this is flexibility in terms of what shifts to apply to, not flexibility in terms of whether or not to work shifts you're approved for.

  • Turn up in a timely manner to your shifts. Make sure you are there early and ready to start your shift, don’t forget to clock in and out. We expect officers to arrive at their shift at least 10-15 minutes before the shift start time, to give themselves time to get settled, clock in before the shift start time, and begin work when the shift begins and not 5-10 minutes (or more) after. If you are having issues with either - let us know with evidence like a picture of you on site.

  • Only apply for what you can do. If you are uncertain about whether you can do a shift, think carefully about applying. Ensure that you are taking on what you can manage so that you don’t end up cancelling.

  • Keep your applications up to date. If you have applied for a shift that you can no longer do, you should cancel the pending application before it's approved - there is no penalty for this.

  • You should never 'no-show' a shift. If you do not turn up to a shift that you have been approved for, you will be marked as a no-show which has a penalty of 2 strikes and a large points loss. If you no-show a shift, you will need to provide a statement as your account could be indefinitely suspended. It only takes a very small amount of time to cancel a shift and provide the reason. We need and expect this communication from all workers.


We want you to develop as a Security Officer and build up your own reputation and branding through our app. Think about and take pride in everything you do, at all times. You are an extension of our team and everything you do and say is ultimately part of Orka Works - so always consider how you conduct yourself. Our workers play their part in the relationships we have with clients and bad behaviour can put our contracts at risk.

Expectations for all Orka workers

  • You’re representing yourself, Orka Works and the company who hired you.

  • You have a clear understanding of how to use the Orka Works platform the right way.

  • We must all hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and take pride in our professionalism.

  • Be helpful to anyone who is seeking your assistance.

  • All shifts booked through the Orka Works app will require you to communicate in English unless requested otherwise.

Please take the time to read and review our values and guidelines to make sure you are following our code of conduct.

For full details of your employment’s rules and regulations, please read our Worker Employee Handbook.

Below, is a selection of key areas that we have extracted from our Worker Employee Handbook for you to be aware of:

  • Points and Strike process

  • Mobile phones

  • Smoking

  • Driving client vehicles

  • Your uniform

  • Expected behaviours

  • Property and right to search

  • How to make a complaint

In these guidelines, you will find examples of behaviours that are not acceptable whilst working with us or our clients, and may result in you being asked to leave your shift.

If you’re asked to leave a shift for any of the following reasons, you will not be paid for the remainder of the shift and Orka Works reserves the right to suspend you from Orka Works indefinitely.

Points and Strike Process

All our Security Workers start with 3,800 points, giving you 3.8 Stars. The more shifts you complete the more points you gain, capped at 7,000 points with 5000 giving you five Stars.

You can earn up to 7000 so that if you have five Stars and something happens - you have a safety net.

There are a number of ways in which your points are accrued and deducted:

  • You will gain 200 points (100 points in London) for clocking into and working each shift.

  • Cancellations outside 48 hours - 200 points deducted (100 points in London)

  • Cancellations inside 48 hours - 1000 points deducted (500 points in London)

  • Non attendance to approved shifts - 2000 points deducted (1000 points in London)

Orka also has a three Strike Process.

Depending on the situation, you may receive a Strike. Strikes are given for a number of reasons, this list is not exhaustive but gives you some guidance:

  • Client based Complaint about your conduct.

  • Cancelling your shift within 48 hours of the shift start time.

  • Not turning up to a shift at all.

A Strike will remain on your profile for 30 days and is visible to Clients, thereafter it will be taken off. If a Security Worker receives three Strikes then this is reviewed by our team internally to determine whether you will be suspended from using our platform either temporarily or indefinitely, depending on the circumstances.
Additionally, if your conduct is frequently poor or you no-show a shift, we reserve the right to suspend you from the app indefinitely.


Most potential disciplinary issues can be dealt with informally. If we have a concern over your performance, conduct or attitude, we will usually have a discussion with you at the earliest possible opportunity. We will talk to you about the issue and make clear what changes are required.

If the issue persists or the issue is sufficiently serious, we may consider termination of your temporary worker Contract.

Whilst we prefer to adopt an informal approach in most cases, we like to ensure that any action taken is fair and therefore before making a decision we have a two-way discussion with you in order to ensure that any outcome is proportionate to the seriousness of the issue.

In certain circumstances, however, we reserve the right to adopt a formal disciplinary process which is provided in the Disciplinary Procedure contained in the full Employee Worker Handbook.

Mobile Phones

Whilst we appreciate that you need access to our App, we request that you don’t use your mobile phone whilst working on client sites.

If you do need to access the App during your working shift, please do so on your breaks.

Please do not take any unnecessary photographs, video recordings or take personal calls or read text messages during your shift as this will be reported to us by the Client and looks extremely unprofessional.

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

We have a zero-tolerance policy in respect of attending work under the influence of non-prescribed drugs/medication or alcohol; or having them in your possession whilst at work.

To be clear, “under the influence” means in any quantity.

If you are on prescribed medication which may present symptoms which could put yourself and others at risk, then please notify a member of the Community Team prior to your shift.

As a Security Worker, you are not permitted to smoke whilst you are working on a client site including vapes/e-cigarettes.

Driving Client Vehicles

You may be requested to drive client company vehicles whilst working on their premises. Driving client company vehicles is not covered under Orka Technology Group’s insurance and therefore, is done so at your own risk.

Your Uniform

Whilst on clients’ premises you are not only representing yourself, but Orka and the client, therefore it is imperative that you are presented in the correct uniform matching the brief on the job description you have applied for.

Always ensure that your SIA Licence is clearly displayed and immediately visible.

It should be noted that we always ensure that we pay 10p/hour over the minimum wage as you are providing your own uniform.

In addition to this - jeans and trainers will never be acceptable to wear at any of our clients sites. The standard will be a dark suit, pressed white shirt and shiny black shoes but this should be verified against the job specification.

Property and Right to Search

We suggest that any valuable items are not brought to work as neither Orka Technology Group nor the client accept liability for them. We do not tolerate theft or intentional damage to company or personal property in any form or measure. Neither do we tolerate the bringing into the workplace of any inappropriate items that may cause harm to you or others or may put people (including members of the public) at risk; including drugs, alcohol or dangerous items.

Expected behaviour

Below are some examples of the behaviour we would expect all Security Workers to demonstrate and those we would expect you to avoid at all times. This is not an exhaustive list and should be used to guide your behaviour whilst on shift.

Theft and/or fraud

Examples of theft can include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking something left behind by a member of the public - even if you think this is discarded or forgotten.

  • Taking equipment from an office or company area.

Fraudulent activity may include, but is not limited to:

  • Actions that are intended to disrupt or manipulate the normal functions within the Orka Works app.

  • Actions intending to make it look like you have worked longer than you have, or worked shifts you haven’t.

  • Leaving a shift and not clocking out at the correct time or trying to clock in too early.

  • Sharing your account with others, e.g. sending another officer to work a shift in your place.

  • Falsifying documents of any kind, and at any stage of your employment.

Discrimination, bullying and harassment

  • You should always be mindful of EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) when working for Orka. This ensures fair treatment and opportunity for all. It aims to eradicate prejudice and discrimination on the basis of an individual’s or group of individuals’ protected characteristics.

  • Commenting on someone’s nationality, appearance, religion, sexuality, relationship status or gender is not appropriate or professional and can be seen as harassment - even if the comments are positive, meant as compliments or you see them as harmless.

  • Abusive behaviour such as verbal e.g. swearing or abusive language, or non-verbal such as physical violence or assault is not accepted.

The use of company facilities and equipment for personal reasons during work time

  • Using a company computer for online shopping, gambling etc.

  • Bringing friends or partners into the office during your shift.

Conduct likely to endanger persons or property

  • Breaking doors, breaking laptops or causing intentional damage to equipment. *

  • Falling asleep on-site.

  • Not being on active duty during your shift.

  • Possession of an offensive weapon.

*We know accidental damage can happen, but please report any accidents or damage to the site manager as soon as possible.

The willful failure to follow management instructions or guidelines.

  • This could be breaching any regulatory obligation imposed for the role you are performing or other members of staff or a client.

If an allegation is raised regarding any of the above, Orka will decide on the appropriate sanction and action required.


If you have a complaint or a concern, please speak to a member of the Community Team at the earliest possible opportunity. If you feel your complaint or concern is unresolved or it centres on a member of the Community Team, we have identified a Grievance Procedure in the full Employee Worker Handbook. The first formal steps of which is to contact HR confidentially on


By using the Orka Works platform, you agree and consent to the above Community Guidelines. It is expected that all users will adhere to these. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the Community Guidelines, please speak to a member of our Community Team in the first instance.

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