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My shift is over but my cover has not arrived - what should I do?
My shift is over but my cover has not arrived - what should I do?

What to do when you can't hand over your shift 📝

Written by Karan
Updated over a week ago

Most Security and Cleaning assignments are shift-based; when your shift is over, you simply hand over to the next officer and go home.

However, occasionally the officer working the next shift after you may be late or may not come at all.

In the majority of cases, the security company managing the contract (and you for this particular assignment) will know about the lateness/absence and will be managing it - they may even have contacted you to let you know (so make sure you answer your phone and check your in-app messenger), but sometimes they won't know.

If you are due to leave site and your cover hasn't arrived, please don't leave the site immediately - please call the company using the contact details they have provided, or by using the "call company" function in the Orka Works app.

They will need to know what's happening and will give you clear instructions to either provide (paid) overtime or leave the site safely.

All relevant phone numbers you need can be found on your Home Page on the app. You can also report this as an incident for the site.

It's vital that the Security or Cleaning company knows what's going on so they can manage the security of the site.

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