How to select a worker

What to do once your duty/shift has been posted and pulled through to Orka Works

Written by Karan
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Once you have posted a duty on TEAM (Timegate) and you see that it has pulled through to Orka Works, all you have to do is wait to get some applications from our Orka Works community of security officers!

Once you have applications, you can do the usual manual selection process. When you have selected the worker you would like to work the shift, approve them as normal.

However, to make your life easier, you can also use our fantastic Autofill feature, this will means you won't have to log onto the Orka Works portal to choose workers for a shift manually.

Navigate back to TEAM (Timegate), and you will be able to see that the information about the officer that you approved on Orka Works for that shift, has been pulled back through to TEAM (Timegate).

When it's time for the officer to clock into the shift - this information will also get pulled from Orka Works to TEAM (Timegate). You will be able to see this by the green icon on the duty. You will be able to see this icon when the officer has clocked in and is currently working the shift.

When the officer clocks out, the green icon will no longer be there.

You will still be able to see the clock in and out times as normal on the Orka Works platform.

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