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How do I complete my Identity Check?
How do I complete my Identity Check?

A step by step guide on how to complete your ID Check!

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For your ID Check, you can complete this while you are waiting for your Right to Work to be checked, or after it has been completed.

You need to start by following through to the Orka Check website, and select Right to Work and Identity Check.

You will then be directed to your ID Check, where you will need to select a document that shows your ID.

Yoti will then request access to your camera, please allow this. Yoti will take pictures of your documents and upload them to your application. If you are unsure how to take your pictures, please go to 'See our guidelines'.

You will be asked to check if the picture you took follows the guidelines, and is clear. If you are happy with the image you can press 'Yes', or you have the option to retake the image.

The next step, will involve submitting a proof of address. Please select the document you would like to upload.

For the proof of address, you can either take the picture straight away, or you can upload the picture. To check the requirements, please read 'See our guidelines' for more information.

After this step, you can move onto submitting a scan of your face.

Please make sure you read 'best scan results' to ensure your selfies are as clear as possible.

If Yoti does not believe your images are of good quality, you will be asked read the following guidance before a second attempt.

All you stages are completed! Once your ID Check is verified, you will have two green ticks and you will be able to move onto Background Checks.

For further guidance, please reach out to a member of our team!

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