The 'Play video file on page' module requires the video file to be uploaded as a resource. This can be done in the Resources Manager or within the module.

How to upload a video file to your Resources Manager:

  • Select Manage for your version, followed by Interactivity.

  • Select the third icon from the left hand menu.

  • Select Resources Manager. 

  • Upload your video file to Version or Document Resources.

Q: What is the difference between Version Resources and Document Resources?
A: Version Resources will make the file available for the version you are working on.
Document Resources will make the file available for ALL versions in the document you are working on.

How to add a 'Play video file on page' module

  • Select Manage for your version, followed by Interactivity.

  • Select Media from the Interactivity Module palette. 

  • Select the 'Play video file on page' module.

  • Click and drag the area into the position that you would like to make interactive.

  • The clickable area is where your video will play on the page and the size will be determined by the aspect ratio of the video file.

  • Select the video file from the Select a Video Resource drop-down list. 

Please note: if you have uploaded the video within the module, please ensure you select the refresh icon to refresh the list.

Module Settings 

Select the Settings palette for the following option:

  • Auto Play
    Automatically play the video, otherwise the reader is required to press play.

  • Start Muted
    Video will play muted, but users can enable sound (off by default)

  • Show Controls
    The control bar on the video is displayed (on by default)

  • Loop
    Video will play in a continuous loop (off by default)

  • Prevent Seek Ahead
    When on, users can rewind the video but cannot jump ahead (on by default)

  • Prevent Download
    Prevents users from downloading the video file (off by default)

Adding a thumbnail image

To add a thumbnail image the image will need to be uploaded into Resources Manager first and the link copied, then it can be pasted into the field within the interactivity:

The Resources Manager can be found by selecting the third icon from the left hand menu followed by Resources Manager.

Did you know?
The following file types are accepted: webm, mkv, flv, ogv, ogg, avi, mov, wmv, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mpv, m2v, 3gp. Max file size 500MB.

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