Videos: Subtitles
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Subtitles provide a huge benefit in terms of accessibility, as they help make your content inclusive. They can also make videos easier to follow, and are a good option for those who prefer to watch content muted.

This feature is available for the 'Play video file on page' and 'Play video file in pop-up' modules only.

How to add subtitles to an uploaded video

Subtitles make videos more accessible to a wider audience, including, hard-of-hearing individuals, and anyone who can't watch a video with sound.

  • Click on the video module on your page.

  • Select the 'Subtitles' tab.

  • Type in a line of subtitles.

  • Enter a number into the 'Seconds' field.

This is when the line of text will show on the video. For example, entering 5 will display the line of text 5 seconds into the video.

  • Select 'Add Subtitle' to add a new line.

  • Select the 'Save' button once you have added each line of subtitles.

How to add subtitles to a generated video

When using the Video Generator, subtitles are now automatically generated, making it easier for you to include them.

Recommended reading - Video Generator - Subtitles.

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