How to use Automation with a Poll
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Automation is an exciting feature that makes it possible to trigger Interactivity without the visitor having to select a clickable area on the page. It can also be used to hide the results of a Poll module, which may be your preference instead of than showing the percentage of each Poll option.


Ryan has created a Social Media Policy that includes a feedback poll on the final page. As the feedback is sensitive, he would like to keep the results confidential - to do this, he can use Automation to display a More Information pop-up box instead of the Poll results.

How to set up Automation with a Poll

  • Navigate to a Document.

  • Select ‘Interactivity’ for the Version of the Document that you want to work on.

Two modules are required for this type of Automation.

  • Module 1 - The Poll module used by your visitors to cast their vote.

  • Module 2 - A More Information pop-up box, which will be set to open once a vote has been cast - ensure it is positioned off-page.

  • Click on the first answer of the Poll module.

  • Select the wand icon from the fly-out menu.

  • Select the ‘Add Automation’ button.

  • A ‘Settings’ box will then display ready to set up the Automation.

Automation Settings


Select 'When This Answer is Clicked'.


Select 'Activate Interactivity'.

On Page

Select the page that the More Information pop-up box has been added to.


Select the More Information pop-up box - this is the module that you want to 'trigger'.

Follow the above steps for each Poll answer - this will ensure the More Information pop-box is shown no matter what answer has been chosen.


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