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How to use Automation with an Assessment
How to use Automation with an Assessment
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Automation is an exciting feature that makes it possible to trigger Interactivity without the visitor having to select a clickable area on the page. It becomes even more powerful when used with an Assessment module, as you can set different modules to trigger based on the result of the Assessment.


Ryan has created a Social Media Policy that includes a short quiz at the end so he can test his teams knowledge of the policy. If they fail the quiz, to encourage further learning, he has used automation to play a video containing additional training.

How to set up Automation with an Assessment

  • Navigate to a Document.

  • Select ‘Interactivity’ for the Version of the Document that you want to work on.

Two modules are required for this type of Automation.

  • Module 1 - The Assessment module used by your visitors to complete the quiz.

  • Module 2 - The module that you would like to 'trigger' based on the Result of an Assessment.

  • Click on the Assessment module on your page, and select the wand icon from the fly-out menu.

  • Select the ‘Add Automation’ button.

  • A ‘Settings’ box will then display ready to set up the Automation.

Automation Settings


Select 'When Fail Popup is Closed' - this means the module will trigger when the Fail results box has been closed.


For this example, select 'Play a Video' as you want to trigger a video to play. 'Activate Interactivity' can be chosen if you wish to trigger a different type of module, such as a More Information pop-up box.

On Page

Select the page that the module has been added to.


This drop-down list will display as 'Play Video' has been chosen as the 'Action'. Select the Video module that you want to play once the Fail results box has been closed.

Keep exploring!

💡 It's not just video modules that can be set up to play when someone has failed an Assessment. Why not add a Chart containing company statistics when someone passes a quiz? Or set an Image Gallery to display, as a way to demonstrate further information. Explore the options in the Automation Settings and see what's possible!

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