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Videos: Subtitles (Video Generator)
Videos: Subtitles (Video Generator)
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When using the Video Generator, subtitles are now automatically generated, making it easier for you to include them. Subtitles provide a huge benefit in terms of accessibility, as they help make your content inclusive. They can also make videos easier to follow and are a good option for those who prefer to watch content muted.

This feature is currently only available for videos created using the Video Generator.

How are subtitles generated?

Subtitles will automatically be generated along with the video when 'Generate Video' is selected, and will use the script provided for the presenter.

Can I edit the subtitles after they have been generated?

Yes! Once a video has been generated, the subtitles can be edited within the video module.

  • Select the video module on the page and edit.

  • Select the 'Subtitles' tab.

  • Select 'New Editor' to preview and edit the generated subtitles.

πŸ’‘ You can also navigate to the New Editor by selecting the 'CC' option for a video in the Resources Manager.

New Editor

Selecting 'New Editor' will open the 'Edit Subtitles' window. From here you can edit the subtitles, as well as amend the start and end times of each line.

  1. Use the slider on the time bar to preview where the subtitles appear in the video.

  2. Use the clock icon to use the current time on the video preview as the start or end time for the subtitles.

  3. Select the 'Add' button to add a new line of subtitles.

  4. Select the small bin icon to delete a line of subtitles.

  5. Use the 'Sort by Time' option to reorder the subtitles if you have deleted or added any.

πŸ’‘ If you add or remove any lines, remember to select the 'Sort by Time' button to reorder the subtitles.

Current Editor

If you would prefer to manually input subtitles with timecodes select the 'Current Editor' option. Read more about manually adding subtitles.

Can I upload a .VTT file?

If you have a .VTT file available, it can be imported within the 'New Editor' window.

What is a .VTT file?

A .VTT file stores the subtitles of a video, along with the timing information.

  • Select the 'Import VTT' button.

  • Select/Open your .VTT file.

  • You will be asked to confirm that you want to import the file.

  • Select 'OK' to confirm.

πŸ’‘ The subtitles file can also be downloaded - simply select the 'Download VTT' button.

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