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Assessments: How to add an 'Image Choice' question
Assessments: How to add an 'Image Choice' question
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An easy to understand question type, 'Image Choice' show a visualisation of the answer options and prompts your visitors to pick the image to suit their answer. It's eye-catching and engaging too.

How to add an 'Image Choice' question

You should have already added an Assessment module to your page - if not, please follow these instructions first.

  • Select the 'Add' button found to the top left, followed by 'Image Choice'.

A new question will be added ready for you to create.

  1. Add your question into the 'Question' field.

  2. For each answer, select the 'Insert Image' button to add/upload an image. This is what will display as the answer. Note: remember to add Alt Text to support accessibility.

  3. Set the answer as Incorrect or Correct.

  4. If needed, the 'Add' button can be selected to add another answer.

  5. If needed, the small bin icon can be selected to delete a question.

Hide/Show Answer Text

Answer Text is essential for analytics (so you know which image is which!), however, there may be times when you don't want to show it to your visitors. Let's take a closer look...

Scenario 1

In this scenario, displaying text alongside the images would reveal the answer to the visitor. To prevent this from happening, the 'Hide Answer' text checkbox has been selected so it won't be displayed on the assessment.

Scenario 2

In this scenario, displaying text alongside the images provides additional context or clues about each answer, helping your visitors to make an informed choice (without revealing the answer!).

What does an 'Image Choice' question look like?

When a visitor views your document they must select the clickable area in order to open/view the Assessment module.

A pop-up box will display listing the question, along with each image where the reader can select their answer.

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