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Assessments are a great way to test visitors knowledge in an interesting and engaging way, as well as providing an insight into their progress and enabling you to acknowledge areas for improvement.

How to add an Assessment/Test

  • Select the ‘Assessment’ type from the ‘Add Interactivity' palette.

  • Select the ‘Assessment/Test’ option.

  • Click and drag out the area to add to your page - this is the area that the visitor will click to open the assessment or test.

  • A pop-up box will then open ready for you to begin adding questions, answers and results.

Top tip! Use the 'Set Randomisation' button to randomise the order that the questions are shown to the visitor.

Available question types

Multiple Choice

A Multiple Choice question provides a list of possible answers where your visitor can select the one that fits them best. Also known as a 'radio button' question, it's important not to get this question type confused with 'multiple-answer' or 'select many', which allows the visitor to select more than one answer.

Find out how to add a Multiple Choice Question.

Image Choice

An Image Choice question is easy to understand and shows a visualisation of the answer options, prompting your visitors to pick the image to suit their answer. It's eye-catching and engaging too.

Find out how to add an Image choice question.

True or False

A True or False question has a very simple structure. It's similar to a multiple choice question, except there are only 2 answers to choose from - True or False. This type of question is quick for your visitors to respond to, enabling you to cover a wider range of content.

Find out how to add a True or False question.

Free Text

A Free Text question allows your visitors to provide an open-ended response, and is a valuable tool for collecting feedback, opinions, or suggestions. Due to the open-ended nature of free text questions, they cannot be scored like Multiple Choice or True/False questions.

Find out how to add a Free Text question.

Adding a Result

A 'Result' is a pop-up that displays once a visitor has submitted an assessment. More than one result can be added, and by default, there are two available - Pass and Fail.

Find out more about Results.

Assessment Settings

Various settings are available when creating an assessment module. Whilst some are more self-explanatory (for example, border colour and border size), others can change the way the module works.

Find out more about Assessment Settings.

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