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Assessments: How to add an 'Multiple Choice' question
Assessments: How to add an 'Multiple Choice' question
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A multiple choice question provides a list of possible answers where your visitor can select the one that fits them best. Also known as a 'radio button' question, it's important to not get this question type confused with 'multiple-answer' or 'select many', which allows the visitor to select more than one answer.

Example - When can mobile devices be used in the workplace?

Answer 1) During breaks and for emergencies

Answer 2) Never

Answer 3) Any time

How to add an 'Multiple Choice' question

You should have already added an Assessment module to your page - if not, please follow these instructions first.

  • Select the 'Add' button found to the top left, followed by 'Multiple Choice'.

A new question will be added ready for you to create.

  1. Add your question into the 'Question' field.

  2. Use the 'Insert Image/Replace' option to add an image to the question. Note: Although not mandatory, an image can be used to support your question or add visual interest.

  3. Add the answer(s) into the 'Answers' section.

  4. Set the answer as 'Incorrect' or 'Correct'.

  5. Use the 'Add' button to add another answer.

  6. Use the small bin icon to delete an answer.

What does a 'Multiple Choice' question look like?

When a visitor views your document they must select the clickable area in order to open/view the Assessment module.

A pop-up box will display listing the multiple choice question, followed by the supporting image (if used), and available answers to choose from.

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